We invite you to play a role in the State of Digital Rights initiative.


Join the Curacao spotter team

We are growing our Curacao spotter team.

In preparation of our State of Digital Rights initiative we are in search of digital human rights cases on the island of Curacao.

Contribute to 'The Hague Digital Rights Program'

Interested in helping out raising the digital human rights bar in the context of the city of The Hague? Feel free to reach out to us.

Work on the case 'Being undocumented in a digitalising Amsterdam'

The initial version of the local State of Digital Rights for Amsterdam is in development. Contribute to case study research.


There is a lot going on at Digital Rights House. Feel free to contact us.

Here is a selection of links that might interest you!

https://digitalrightshouse.org / https://digitalrightsday.org / https://digitalrightstalk.org / https://stateofdigitalrights.org / https://digitalrightshouse.org/amsterdam / https://digitalrightshouse.org/the-hague